Our customers’ sensitive information is very important for us and we will protect it with our digital life. We have put barriers after barriers to ensure the vault that contains the registered information is impenetrable. Not even Darth Vader can break it with The Force.


One of the barriers that we mentioned before is called SSL where we make sure that our customers can check out without any worries because their payment information channel that they choose is encrypted.


We know how frustrated it is when the total price is different than what it is advertised. Here at Wallet Codes we give customers the confidence they will pay exactly what they see on our website. No surprise because we don’t like surprises.

We don’t have to open too many tabs just to buy what we are looking for. Wallet Codes is a one stop online shop to buy the most popular gift-cards and game codes such as iTunes, Google Play, Steam, PUBGM UC and many more. We are planning to expand more products and availability to other countries.


We aim to make our customers’ purchasing experience a memorable one and for that reason our customers can use credit or debit cards, online banking, e-wallet and even mobile credits!


To make our customers’ purchasing experience even better, our website is designed to give our customers a smooth checkout system and instant online delivery via email and SMS. But that’s not all, our dedicated team is always looking for ways to improve the system to make it even more memorable and fun.

Wallet Codes solemnly swears that we will deliver all your purchase on our website instantly if not 15 minutes. As gamers ourselves, we understand that our opponents don’t wait for us to get what we have purchased.


Our buddies at Wallet Codes take turn when it comes to sleeping so that whenever a problem arises from all around the world, we can handle it effectively. We are an effective team. However, the world if full of surprises so when there are unanticipated issues, be patient our young Padawan for you will be attended to.