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Wallet Codes provides gamers in Cambodia an easy and secure way to buy and top up Diamonds for Rules of Survival, the online Battle Royale game. We provide a wide selection of offerings in USD denomination for gamers at affordable prices. Buy Rules of Survival Diamonds today and enjoy in-game features such as Season Pass! Pay with either credit card or your local online payment (Wingpay, Pipay).

“!! Attention: Rule of Survival top up or redemption the code is currently available only for Android device. iOS device cannot redeem it, so please take on this precaution before making any purchase from the portal. Upon completion of payment, it is not returnable”.

Rules of Survival Diamonds

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Top UP Rules of Survival Diamonds Easily with Multiple Payment Methods

Need to top-up your Diamonds now? Do it fast and easy on Wallet Codes! Our website is secured so you can make your purchases with no worries. With Wallet Codes Cambodia you can pay either with credit card or your local online payment channel (Wingpay, Pipay)! There's no registration or login required, simply enter your name and email, the voucher code will send to you via mail. You can top up your own credit or send it as a gift to your friend. Note: ROS Diamonds are only applicable for Android users. iOS users cannot top-up or redeem so please check your device capability before purchasing the voucher code. Once purchased, the voucher code is not refundable.