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Wallet Codes is the best place for gamers in Cambodia to purchase Mobile Legends Diamonds securely and easily. We provide an affordable selection of offerings in USD currency for gamers to choose from. You don’t even need to use a credit card! We’ve also enabled local online payment channels such as Wingpay and Pipay! Simply enter your name and email then proceed for the payment. You will receive a voucher code once the payment is confirmed. Simply input your code, user ID, and Zone ID and you’re all good to go to redeem your credit.

Mobile Legends Diamonds

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Easily Top Up MLBB Diamonds with Multiple Payment Methods

Need to top-up your Diamonds now? Do it fast and easy on Wallet Codes! Our website is secured so you can make your purchases with no worries. With Wallet Codes Cambodia you can simply pay either with credit card or your local online payment channel (Wingpay, Pipay)! After buying your desired amount, simply enter the code you received, your User ID and Zone ID to add the diamonds to your game account immediately. Purchase the diamonds you need to buy heroes, hero skins and Seasonal Passes now!