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Wallet Codes sells Google Play gift cards which are easy-to-use and make the perfect gift for all Google and Android product users. Every Google Play gift card sold on Wallet Codes works across all Google and Android devices of all sizes. With a few choices of payment method, you just input the voucher code you received via email during purchasing on Wallet Codes Cambodia, then your credit will be refilled instantly.

! Attention! Starting from June 15, 2021, Google Play USD gift cards must be redeemed withlocal IP + local account“. The practice of using cross-region VPN is not applicable anymore. However, even if you redeem the gift cards with “local IP + local account”, you may still face redemption error due to other account issues, such as abnormalities purchase records, cross-region records, incorrect account info, and incorrect Google Gift Card receipts, etc. Once the account is locked, any gift card that you try to redeem will displayInvalid Code” or “Account Abnormal“. If you encounter this situation, please contact Google customer service for assistance. Wallet Codes will not be able to assist on contacting Google or following up the progress. Recently, Google’s account review has become more and more stringent. After the account is locked, the unlocking success rate has dropped greatly. Please understand that the cross-region use of gift cards does not meet Google regulations and has certain risks. Please carefully evaluate before purchasing. If encounter any redemption problem that due to the change of Google policy and the problem of the user account itself, it is not liable for compensation or refund.

Google Play Gift Cards

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Purchase Google Play Gift Cards With Credit Card Or Local Payment Channel

Add credits easily to your Google Play account through your phone – you don’t even have to leave your seat! With credit card or your local online payment channel (Wingpay, Pipay), it’s a simple, secure, and worry-free purchase. The codes for Google Play gift cards work just like a game activation code. Once you receive the code via email, you can enter the code on your Play Store account to redeem the credit for the purchase of apps, in-app purchases, games, books, music, and many more. Buy a Google Play gift card now in just a few simple steps! Note: Your Google Play account has to be changed to the United States for the redemption to apply.