Frequently Questions

A: To purchase any products from Wallet Codes portal, you can simply go to Login or create account or go direct to choose the type of gift cards and click “add to cart” then choose your preferred payment method from the options displayed, click to proceed to pay. Wait for a certain time, you will receive mail with your voucher codes of the ordered product.

A: YES, all orders placed on are processed with 256-bit SSL encryption. Your payment info will NOT be stored on our servers.

A: To redeem your gift card into your account (games or stores, etc,..) please follow redemption guideline as link – ( and choose the product that you have ordered.

A: Please wait for up to 15 minutes to receive your code via email. The code delivery may be affected by your network status. Please ensure that your device is within the network coverage area. If you still haven’t received your code after that time, please contact [email protected].

A: Any form of CD Keys, Time Cards, Expansions, Game Points, Prepaid Cards, Trial/Beta/Item Codes purchased from this web site are neither refundable nor exchangeable. If you experienced an error in redeeming your credit, please contact [email protected].


Steam Wallet Codes

A: Steam Wallet Code is a STEAM prepaid card used to deposit and reload values into your Steam account balance for your favorite games’ transactions.

A: There may be a short delay between the delivery of the code and it being recognized by the Steam servers as we are getting the Steam Wallet Code directly from Valve’s affiliated merchants.

Create or log into your Steam account. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, click on your username and select “Account details” from the drop-down menu. Under Store & Purchase History, click “Add funds to your Steam Wallet”. On the right column under Your Steam Account, click “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”. Enter the activation code and click “Continue”. The credit will be added to your Steam account. 

Mobile Legends Diamonds

A: Once you have the ID number, you can now go to the redemption page a  

UC PUBG Mobile

A: Every UC PUBG Mobile code sold on can be redeemed and used in your PUBG Mobile account.

Netflix Gift Cards

A: You can use Netflix Gift Cards to pay for a Netflix subscription or to give as a gift to friends, family, teachers, and more. You can purchase a Netflix Gift Card at many retail locations, and apply the gift card to your new or existing Netflix account. Netflix will deduct the appropriate amount from your gift card balance based on the plan you’ve chosen. 

A: Go to and enter the PIN code from your email. If you already have a Netflix account, you can enter this code by selecting Redeem gift card or promo code from your Account page. The balance of your gift card will be added to your account and your next payment will be taken from the gift card balance. 

App Store & Itunes Gift Card

A: Every App Store & iTunes gift card sold on Wallet Codes can be redeemed and used for
purchases on the Mac App Store, App Store, iTunes and iBooks with flexible of payment options

A: Yes, whenever you redeem an iTunes Gift card, whatever purchases you make will use the gift
card credit first and then once that credit is gone, it will use your credit card for purchases.

A: You can use an App Store & iTunes gift card for purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store,
Apple Books, or Apple TV app. Think of it as credit for virtual products. App Store & iTunes gift
cards credit your Apple ID balance, so you can use them for movies, games, apps, books, music,
and TV shows.

A: iTunes gift cards are redeemed on a per-Apple ID basis and not on a per-device one. You can
redeem a gift card only once. If the iPads in question are using the same Apple Id, the Balance
will be visible and available on both devices. You cannot redeem the same Gift card on more
than one Apple ID

Google Play Gift Card

A: Every Google Play gift card sold on Wallet Codes can be redeemed and used for purchases on
the Play Store across all Google and Android devices of all sizes. The credit can also be used for
in-app purchases

PSN Gift Card

A: Every PSN Gift Card sold on Wallet Codes can be redeemed and used for purchases on the
PlayStation Store, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Music. The credit can also be used to
purchase game add-ons and PlayStation Plus subscriptions.

Xbox Gift Cards US

A: With an Xbox Gift Card, give the freedom to pick the gift they want. It can be used to
buy the hottest new Xbox full game downloads, apps, movies, TV shows, devices, and more.
There are no fees or expiration dates to worry about.

Amazon Gift Card

A: Amazon Gift Cards can be used to buy Kindle content, digital music and Amazon Video
streaming as well as other contents inside amazon store.

A: To redeem amazon gift card, please refers to redemption section under support menu. Or
simply follow the link here, “redemption”.

Rulles Of Survival

A: After purchasing voucher card via portal, please follow to redemption
section under Supporting manu. Or follow the link “redemption”.

Garena Shell

A: Every Garena Shells sold on Wallet Codes can be redeemed and used in your Garena account.